Commercial Construction’s Next BIG Thing – BIM!

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Building Information Modeling (BIM) appears to be the next BIG thing for Iowa’s commercial construction industry.  Sure, it has been around in variations for years, and some larger firms are already entrenched in BIM…all the more reason to buy into the concept that BIM is here to stay!

What are the Benefits of BIM?

BIM is a software technology and design process that allows entire construction teams, from architects and engineers to builders and owners, to collaborate through 3D Models…from anywhere on the planet!  BIM can be utilized through the entire life of a project from design to construction, and through demolition!  In a nutshell, BIM is an awesome collaborative tool that comes with the following benefits:

  • Showcases reality
  • More Information and less waste
  • Better project control
  • Improved collaboration amongst all trade partners
  • Enhanced visualization
  • Electronic clash detection
  • Coordination of processes
  • Communication of exactly what will be built
  • Valuable details
  • The mobility of all data

Become a BIM Champion

The transformation to utilizing BIM is most effectively driven by individuals within an organization. Master Builders of Iowa is offering AGC of America’s BIM Education Program, with courses that are intended for those individuals who will design and implement a BIM transformation strategy within an organization, and become their company’s BIM Champion. Following completion of all four units of the BIM Education Program, participants will be qualified to sit for an exam to earn AGC’s Certificate of Management – Building Information Modeling (CM-BIM).

Unit 1: An Introduction to Building Information Modeling

Unit 2: BIM Technology

Unit 3: BIM Project Execution Planning

Unit 4: BIM Adoption, Implementation, and ROI

Here at MBI, we believe that Building Information Modeling will bring value to each of our members. That is why we are offering these courses in March and April, and why we have committed to becoming a registered testing site. Learn more about MBI’s upcoming BIM offerings HERE.

For additional information on becoming a BIM champion for your company, contact me at 515.657.4395 or