3 Easy-to-Use Training Resources

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You probably already know that MBI offers our members top of the line training on a variety of relevant topics throughout the year. However, did you know that MBI also provides technological resources that support these educational programs?

Simply putting on good classes is not the only aspect of a successful educational service. Instead, our members’ ongoing need for professional development and training also requires access to things like online registration, as well as the ability to track their progress and any credentials they’ve earned. Consequently, MBI provides three members-only resources that collectively keep employees engaged by providing them with convenient access to all MBI educational offerings.

#1 – MBI Training Vault

The MBI Training Vault is an electronic database that is designed to make tracking and documenting training records easy, organized, accurate, and accessible. Your company-specific Training Vault contains all training conducted by MBI dating back to 1998. In addition, it has the capability to store any other training records that your company would like to include.

Each member company has access to all of their employees’ training records through their Training Vault Administrator account. Additionally, each employee has access to his/her individual training records. Some of the many highlights of Training Vault include:

  • The ability to track Master Builder Designation credits
  • Mobile course registration
  • Notification of expiring credentials
  • Three-way communication between MBI, the member firm, and the respective employee


#2 – MBI App

The MBI Mobile App is the newest resource available to MBI members, and can be downloaded from either the App Store or Google Play. This app provides access to the calendar of events and course registration, the MBI membership directory, direct contact information for our staff, and custom notifications. In addition, upon logging in, MBI member employees are able to directly access their MBI Training Vault account and view their Master Builder Designation credits.


#3 – Webinar Archive

Over the past several years, MBI has provided at least one free, members-only webinar per month.  These webinars are a quick way to stay up to date with important industry topics, and are split into the following categories:

  • HR
  • Business Development
  • Compliance
  • Technology
  • Safety
  • Workforce Development

We understand that our webinar times may not always fit into your schedule, so we created a webinar archive. These webinars are useful for future training, or to re-visit when the topic is encountered within your firm.

These are great tools to support the training efforts of member companies and their employees… And they are all included with your membership!

To access any of these resources, you simply need your MBI log in credentials. To request yours, email Nichole Fry at nfry@mbi.build. For additional information on these valuable resources, please contact Tom Fulcher at tfulcher@mbi.build or (515) 657-4395.