Using the Marketing Umbrella to Grow Your Business

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Looking back 30 years ago, “digital marketing” didn’t exist – the World Wide Web had just launched, and the internet was hardly used outside of business landscapes. Marketing was still limited to print materials, billboards, and radio advertisements, and “high-tech” was a term reserved for television commercials.

Fast forward a few years, and the widespread use of email, search engines, and more opened up new possibilities for companies to reach their target audiences. Throw in the rise of social media platforms in the 2000s plus smartphones in every hand, and these audiences were suddenly spending much of their time online. Digital marketing boomed, and there’s no doubt that it has changed the game for good.

There’s more to the Marketing Umbrella

Despite this shift to digital tactics, successful companies recognize the importance of a well-rounded, long-term marketing strategy. Outside of social media campaigns, email marketing, SEO, SEM, and other digital strategies, the Marketing Umbrella includes numerous other components that lead to increased brand visibility (and, in turn, sales). For example, public relations is a long-standing element of successful marketing strategies – and for good reason. PR is more than just writing press releases and dealing with bad publicity. It also covers community relations and strategic communication, among other tactics.

The Marketing Umbrella also includes strategic partnerships, events, and branding. All of these approaches focus on reaching a specific target audience and allow you to do so face-to-face instead of through a screen. Essentially, in-person relationship building will always play a critical role in your company’s marketing strategy.

Implementing a well-rounded mix

Many of our member companies have incorporated digital marketing, advertising, and PR in their existing efforts. And while there isn’t a one-size-fits-all marketing plan, every company should evaluate their current strategy – are there any holes in your Marketing Umbrella? Consider implementing new components, and allocate the time and resources to enhance your current mix.

If you want to incorporate strategic partnerships and event-based marketing into your company’s plan, consider a sponsorship with MBI. After all, event sponsorships provide one of the best ROIs for your marketing and business development budget!

Starting next month, we will host our second year of Building a Safety Champion – this is the newest leadership program in MBI’s lineup, and is led by Joe Melton, CSSI – Director of Operations. The course is designed to equip organizations with educated, involved, and committed safety champions. This class targets any position that is responsible for safety development, safety leadership, or risk management.

So, how does this fit into your marketing strategy?

That translates to a prime opportunity to get your organization in front of decision-makers and leaders of company safety culture. There are currently two remaining sponsorship opportunities available for this program, each of which allows you to connect directly with this target audience.

  • Exclusive Headlining Sponsorship
  • Dinner Sponsorship – Cedar Rapids

Check out the links below to view the sponsorship packages and the potential audience that your firm can get in front of.

If you have questions about these opportunities or would like to reserve a sponsorship, please contact Aly Murphy at AMurphy@MBI.Build.