Solving the Equation of Value

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Ever since I can remember, I have been easily captivated by the life-cycle stories of how organizations and companies got to where they are today. Each one proves to be a complex weaving of trying and failing…more trying and more failing…and somewhere along the way the successes add up to the enterprise standing before you. Many of these ventures look the same at first glance, but the inner-workings of each are as diverse as the sum of the individuals they employ, and that is what makes the stories fascinating.

Perhaps it’s the salesman in me, but hearing these stories never fails to get me thinking about where that organization is going next and how they will get there. One thing I’ve learned is that every company needs a different mix of outside influences to continue moving forward, and that mix is exactly where the question of value enters the equation.

Speaking from the perspective of our association, value is measured by what our members are able to gain from our services. But how do you measure it when the transaction can oftentimes be so far removed from the realization of the value? The best answer to that is to identify the complex mix of things that your organization needs to move forward and trust your plan as you intentionally begin to implement those into your organization.

The unique thing about the services that Master Builders of Iowa offers to our customers is that each of them was developed as a result of our customers telling us what they needed.

  • Our five educational leadership courses were developed at different stages when our members told us their employees needed help with public speaking, meeting management skills, communication skills, or general industry information.
  • Our workforce recruitment campaign is a result of our customers expressing serious concern over where they will find their next generation of workers.
  • Our upcoming association healthcare plan is a result of small and medium sized businesses needing a more affordable option to offer their employees.

I could go on with dozens of examples. What I’m trying to illustrate is the comfort that our customers should feel in knowing that our services will bring value to their companies even when that value can oftentimes be difficult to quantitatively measure.

Every company is different, so every company needs assistance in different aspects of their business, and that is why our organization exists. If your company is already a member of Master Builders of Iowa, you are invited to join us at our Annual Membership Meeting on February 25th, 2019.

If your company is not yet a member but would like more information on how our unique set of services can benefit your organization, I would welcome you to contact me anytime at mloveless@MBI.Build