2020 Marks New Opportunities for MBI and the Commercial Construction Industry

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Next week, the 2020 legislative session will officially begin. And after the Governor’s Condition of the State Address on Tuesday, we’ll be off and running. Like every session, there are opportunities and challenges that lay ahead. While we have a much smaller and focused agenda than in years past, we will be diligent and aggressive in accomplishing our priorities. But we need your help in getting the job done.

In order to be an effective association, we must rely on our members and their employees to be actively engaged. But good news! There area few easy ways for you to stay up to date on what is happening at the Capitol all throughout session:

1. Join the Government Affairs Committee.
2. Follow us on Twitter (@MBISince1912 and @benhammes) and Facebook.
3. Sign up for the Legislative Focus emails (every Friday).
4. Sign up for the Legislative Focus webinar series (every 3rd Friday).
5. Contribute to the MBI-PAC.
6. Lobby your own legislators – to find who your legislators are, please visit the Iowa Legislature’s website here.
7. Respond to our Call To Action


The 2020 MBI Legislative Priorities, as approved by the Board, are as follows:

Construction Manager At-Risk Legislation

MBI is interested in achieving what is possible.  It’s very clear that there is discomfort with allowing all public entities in Iowa to use a “Design-Build” delivery system.  However, there is more interest in moving forth with the concept of a “Construction Manager at-risk” delivery system.  The concept of a guaranteed maximum price to protect Iowa taxpayer is very intriguing to both conservative and liberal lawmakers.  So this year, MBI will be introducing legislation that will allow the CMaR delivery for the first time in the public sector.

University of Northern Iowa ITC Center Project Funding

Like last year, MBI will continue to support the University of Northern Iowa’s funding request for roughly $40 million to renovate and expand the Industrial Technology Center on campus.  This building houses the critical Construction Management program and is one of two in the state that our industry recruits from for project manager professionals and other roles in the company.  Last year, lawmakers included a $1 million placeholder for FY ’21.  It is our intention to fully secure the funding and finally kick-off the much needed renovation and expansion of this building that was last touched in 1974.

There is no question that when it comes to construction issues and general business issues, MBI is looked at to provide direction for how this state operates.  We take this job very seriously and will continue to be a resource to all legislators with our mission statement at the front – to be “the essential resource for…..promoting a business environment favorable to the construction industry.”

There are specific instructions at each of those links above on how to get signed up.  However, if you have any trouble or would like any information, please email me at bhammes@mbi.build.