COVID-19: How Those In the Construction Industry Can Prepare

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Though the number of individuals in Iowa that are directly impacted by COVID-19 – Coronavirus – is currently quite small, a much broader view on the potential impact it could have on Iowa’s construction industry is quite staggering. From supply chain management to HR concerns, COVID-19 is creating havoc in many ways.

In response, MBI wants to be a resource of information to our member-firms. To aid in this effort, we have compiled a number of sites that will help you and your team better prepare for the impacts, as well as provide you valuable information that will help to ease potential negative effects.

Helpful Links

HR Issues

To aid in how best to handle employees who are impacted in one way or another by COVID-19, a webinar provided by North Risk Partners / The Bearence Division takes a pretty deep dive into the various HR issues.  As you may know, North Risk Partners and MBI are working together to provide an association healthcare program called MBI Plus.

The webinar is one example of how enrolling in MBI Plus can go beyond just healthcare coverage, but provide you and your company with a broad array of services and information exchange. To learn more about MBI Plus, please contact Mike Pyle at

Safety Tip from CSSI

MBI’s preferred safety provider – Construction Safety Specialists, Inc (CSSI) – notes that there is a shortage on the N95 dual strap dust masks that are recommended for housekeeping and silica construction activities.  CSSI encourages the contractor develop “engineering methods” first (wet cut, vacuum, etc.) to handle respiratory protection and use an “administration method” (PPE) as a last measure.  Should you have additional questions related to guidance on respiratory protection, please contact a CSSI safety professional at

Sharing of Best Practices

Lastly, the network of MBI members stretches across the state of Iowa. Granted, MBI members are competitors by nature, however, when faced with an issue of this magnitude, the sharing of best practices can have broad appeal and benefits. MBI wants to serve as a conduit for information.  If you have a best practice or come across information that will be beneficial to the industry, MBI is here to help spread the word. Please feel free to share any pertinent information with MBI’s communications department and we will do our best to disseminate to the membership. Contact Aly Schmidt at

Should you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to contact Chad Kleppe at

Thank you.