How WORKSAFE Will Benefit You and Your Company

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No two construction projects are the same. Each is unique and brings upon its own set of challenges that require various methods to overcome. The contractors on a job may have an excellent safety record and the best training programs and policies. However, human error is impossible to predict and control. If you have a safety representative in house, usually they have more on their agenda than the original job description depicts. They may not have the resources necessary to monitor all job sites or keep up with the ever-changing environment in which we live and work.

The WORKSAFE program offers companies the opportunity to re-prioritize their safety strategy to a project-centric perspective. Enrolling a project into WORKSAFE is more than just hanging the well-known banner to promote safety. Instead, enrollment means taking safety on that project to the next level and finding ways to complete those challenging tasks safely and effectively.

Iowa Occupational Safety and Health Administration (IOSHA) and Master Builders of Iowa (MBI) have partnered together to improve the safety culture in the construction industry by providing safety excellence to contractors. Case studies and employer testimonials have shown the positive impact that WORKSAFE has had, on not only the employer, but also on their employees. When employees enter a WORKSAFE project, they know that additional measurements are being taken to ensure that they can go home safely to their loved ones at the end of the day.  A safe and healthy workplace not only protects workers from injury and illness, but can also lower those associated costs. Also, these elements have been proven to reduce absenteeism and turnover, which increases productivity and quality. All of these components thus lead to limiting the amount of equipment damage, decrease product losses, and raise employee morale.

IOSHA and the CSSI safety team conduct audits for WORKSAFE projects, bringing the expertise to provide best practices and ideas that can help improve the safety on a project. They provide a completely neutral assessment of the job and will work around the contractor’s hours to conduct surveys.

Enrolling a project into WORKSAFE sets a higher degree of safety by identifying goals and objectives to meet. With this next level of safety practices, you can be recognized by the community, owners, and other contractors for your dedication to workforce safety and health.

You can find the WORKSAFE brochure that describes the WORKSAFE packages and what services are offered HERE.

For questions or to enroll a project, contact Dale Erickson at (515)-657-4392 or The CSSI team looks forward to assisting you with your safety management efforts on your future projects!