MBI Hires Professional CMaR Consultant to Assist with Projects

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Beginning July 1, 2022, the majority of public owners in Iowa began to have the benefit of choosing different delivery options for their projects.  It’s incumbent upon the MBI contractors and our design professional partners to educate public owners about this change.  Public owners can choose to follow the traditional design-bid-build delivery as outlined in Iowa Code Chapter 26, or can now choose to follow Iowa Code Chapter 26A, which outlines the process for delivering under a Construction Manager at-Risk (CMaR) contract with a guaranteed maximum price.

The Associated General Contractors of America has outlined potential benefits of using a CMaR delivery method in a guidelines document.  Some of those benefits include:

  • Provides the construction and design teams the opportunity to jointly develop an aesthetically pleasing, operationally functional, space-efficient building design utilizing low maintenance and reduced life cycle systems for the benefit of all.
  • Allows “fast track” construction to start while detailing structures, interiors, and systems by awarding sitework, foundations, and long-lead items (such as precast concrete and major equipment contracts). This method can minimize the impact of supply chain challenges that often times result in lengthy deliveries.
  • Challenges the entire project team to stay within budget by allowing for full and frank discussions of the cost and schedule implications of various design solutions, thereby allowing the owner to make informed cost-benefit tradeoff decisions. This is important in times of high inflationary periods and dramatic price escalations.
  • Enables public owners to select a prime contractor, in whom they have confidence to provide quality workmanship, dependable past performance, fair and reasonable pricing, and efficient management as a team member.
  • Provides contractor’s input into systems, labor and materials availability, work and trade sequencing, and construction methodologies that can reduce design and construction time and costs.
  • Aids in evaluating building system options and obtaining real-time cost estimates.
  • Encourages concurrent input from the A/E and the contractor during design and helps the public owner make better decisions on various alternatives.
  • Keeps the design/pre-construction team on a schedule.

At MBI, we want to be the essential resource for CMaR.  That’s why we have enlisted the services of Larry Cormicle, licensed professional engineer and award-winning educator with over 30 years of higher education teaching and coaching.  He is a certified AGC of America instructor and brings twenty-five years of industry experience in general contracting, construction management, and real estate development.

MBI is entering into this partnership with Mr. Cormicle to be the one-stop resource for public owners, contractors and design professionals who have questions about the CMaR process.  It is incumbent upon us to be the leading voice on CMaR in Iowa and this is another step in providing resources to those involved in the delivery process.

All inquiries must originate through our Director of Public Affairs Ben Hammes at bhammes@mbi.build, who can connect you with Larry.