Are You Maximizing Your Local Resources?

The workforce shortage has been at the forefront of our industry’s collective mind for the better part of the last year. To combat this, as you know, MBI has worked with our membership to put together a program for recruiting young people into the industry, and we will soon be entering the second year of that initiative.

We began the workforce initiative with two objectives. First, develop a campaign that attracts the younger generation to our industry by highlighting a variety of benefits and comparisons to other industries. Second, develop tools that can be easily utilized by you, our membership, to recruit those same young people into your individual companies.

Learning to utilize the tools put forth by MBI seems simple enough, but where do you start? The answer to that, is your local school system. It’s important to recognize that every company has access to their very own ‘gold mine’ of local talent, and learning how to harvest that talent can prove to be highly beneficial for years and decades to come.

For this reason, we highly encourage contractors to get to know their local school district by making initial connections and staying in touch on a regular basis. If you’re not sure where to start, contact MBI to get the contact information for your local district, and to learn more about the tools you have access to
through your membership.

Your need for a larger workforce won’t get solved overnight, but your company can begin to see impactful changes through consistent effort, and relationships with your local talent pool.