MBI Job Board: This Is the Time to Use It – or Miss Out!

During these uncertain and trying times, MBI is committed to doing what we can to support you and your company. We care deeply about our membership and the labor force throughout the state. We believe that by working together, we can all assist in helping each other through this COVID-19 pandemic.

With the surge of Iowans losing their jobs and filing for unemployment in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, MBI is encouraging members to look at this as a workforce recruitment opportunity. This new reality of non-essential lay-offs might present the next opportunity to bring them to your construction organization.

Whether your positions are full-time, part-time, seasonal, or temporary, MBI would like to work with you to get your updated job postings on our Job Board: www.iowaconstructionjobs.com. Check out the benefits below of posting to the Job Board.

To post and manage job openings you must be designated with MBI as a ‘Job Board’ contact for your company. For assistance with your login information, or to become a ‘Job Board’ contact, please contact Nichole Fry at nfry@mbi.build or (515) 657-4386.

Also, if you have old postings, please review their relevancy and consider updating them if necessary. If they are still relevant, consider adjusting the start and end dates of the position.

Job Board Benefits

  • Internet Ad Campaigns: MBI and Build Iowa run various campaigns to bring awareness to the opportunities in the commercial construction industry. Those ads bring a steady flow of traffic to our platform, where users can find open positions at the click of a button.
  • Social Media: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter reach thousands of people daily, with a wide range of prospective candidates’ demographics. MBI and Build Iowa generate hundreds of local hits for growing awareness of the industry and recruitment for your open positions.


Cutting-Edge Approach

The MBI Job Board was created to specifically target those with an interest in commercial construction careers. By having an industry-specific site to search for jobs, potential candidates can easily find the positions that are applicable to them. That way, they don’t have to weed through hundreds of other generic platform postings.

Larger Applicant Pool

People view brands that have a strong social media following and presence as being a trustworthy source! MBI and Build Iowa reach a wide-range of audiences through our social media and digital marketing campaigns. Our commitment to increase the visibility and awareness of the commercial construction industry means that we’re regularly driving these audiences to the MBI Job Board to view your open positions.

As for job seekers, statistics show that high-quality candidates have come from media postings. This is because many of these high-quality candidates tend to be tech-savvy problem solvers. They are competing against hundreds of other applicants in today’s market, so they know the importance of capturing your attention with their resume. Posting your open positions on the MBI Job Board sets your company up to better attract these high-quality candidates!

Cost-Saving Efforts

Recruitment efforts for finding quality candidates is like giving someone a blank check; many recruitment publications and websites require large fees up front. However, the MBI Job Board is a perk of an already defined annual membership fee. Your membership with MBI includes the ability to post openings on this exclusive Job Board. Furthermore, our marketing efforts of the Job Board can help you get over two times more visibility than traditional recruitment efforts. Saving money and getting your job openings in front of quality candidates? That’s a win for you!

Faster Time Frame

Within moments after someone applies to your open position through the Job Board, you receive an email notification with that individual’s resume. This method allows you a chance to scan over that resume and, if desired, respond through direct messaging immediately.

What are you waiting for? Post today! Let us be a resource for you.

During these trying times, one thing is clear: the MBI Job Board is one easy way we can support you in meeting your demand for a ready and able workforce. And as always, if I can be a resource or answer any questions, please contact me at amahoney-doran@mbi.build or (515) 777-5054.