Earn an Award for Learning – It’s a Win-Win Situation!

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Learning is always a win, especially if you are able to apply what you learn to your daily life, your career, and your community.  As the commercial construction industry constantly evolves, so too must the knowledge of the industry’s most valuable asset…our human capital!

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” — Benjamin Franklin

We all like awards…they signify an accomplishment achieved through hard work. At Master Builders of Iowa, we combine the opportunity to learn with the prospect of a earning a coveted award through our Master Builder Designation Program. In this program, the ultimate prize is knowledge. However, the Master Builder Achievement Award serves as a physical representation of an individual’s commitment to continuing education.

In order to earn the award, employees of MBI member firms attend education and training programs through MBI (excluding webinars). For each hour of MBI training, the individual earns a credit in one of the following areas: Leadership, Project Management, Ecological, Safety, Ethics, and Electives. To achieve the Master Builder Designation and receive the award, the following 150 credits must be earned:

  • Leadership – 50 Credits
  • Project Management – 50 Credits
  • Ecological – 20 Credits
  • Safety – 15 Credits
  • Ethics – 5 Credits
  • Electives – 10 Credits

Individuals are then recognized and presented with the Master Builder Achievement Award at the following MBI Annual Winter Conference. This conference is also a great opportunity to earn these credits, with two full days of education sessions that cover many construction topics. Registration for the 2019 Annual Winter Conference will open on January 1, 2019. Complete your Master Builder Designation enrollment form now and be ready to earn your credits at the conference!

For additional information about the Master Builder Designation program and the Master Builder Achievement Award, please contact Tom Fulcher at tfulcher@mbi.build or (515) 657-4395.