Stay Connected to MBI Throughout the 2019 Legislative Session

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In just one week on Monday, Jan. 14, the 2019 legislative session will officially commence. And like every other legislative session before it, the start means opportunities (and frustrations) for MBI and our industry. Our job is to maximize the opportunities and limit the frustrations. And we need your help in accomplishing this goal!

In order to be an effective agent for change, we must rely on our members and their employees to be actively engaged. But good news! There are a few easy ways for you to stay up to date on what is happening at the Capitol all throughout session.

Stay Up To Date

  1. Join the Government Affairs Committee.
  2. Follow us on Twitter (@MBISince1912 and @benhammes) and Facebook.
  3. Sign up for the Legislative Focus emails (every Friday). You can sign up by emailing Ben Hammes at
  4. Sign up for the Legislative Focus webinar series (every 3rd Friday).
  5. Contribute to the MBI-PAC.
  6. Lobby your own legislators – to find who your legislators are, please visit the Iowa Legislature’s website here.
  7. Respond to our Call To Action

2019 Legislative Priorities

The 2019 MBI Legislative Priorities, as approved by the Board, are as follows:

  • Support a 20-year SAVE extension for school infrastructure, security and property tax relief
  • Support the UNI ITC Center renovation and expansion project
    • Ensure Rebuild Iowa Infrastructure Funds are limited to infrastructure project needs
  • Support Alternative Project Delivery for all public owners except the Iowa DOT
  • Support Tax Reform to lower tax burden on hardworking Iowans and our member companies
  • Support funding for full implementation of the Future Ready Iowa Initiative

There is no question that when it comes to construction issues and general business issues, MBI is looked at to provide direction for how this state operates. We take this job very seriously, and will continue to be a resource to all legislators with our mission statement at the front – to be “the essential resource for….promoting a business environment favorable to the construction industry.”

If you would like more information, please email MBI’s Director of Public Affairs, Ben Hammes at

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    • Aly Schmidt

      Hi Robert,
      We will make sure you are signed up to receive the Legislative Focus emails, as well as register you to attend the webinar series. Let us know if there is anything else we can help you with!