April 1912 . . . It all started with a group of contractors

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Since the formation of Master Builders of Iowa in 1912, the Association has always been governed by a Board of Directors.  A group of contractors who volunteer their time, talents and expertise to look out for the well-being of the commercial construction industry.

Today, the bylaws read that the Board of Directors shall consist of 10 general contractors and 2 Associate members.  There is a named Chairman of the Board, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and Immediate Past Chairman.  This group is elected by the Board of Directors and serve as the Executive Committee.

The 2017 Board of Directors meets at the MBI office on April 20.


Directors are nominated to the Board by an appointed Nominating Committee which consists of the current chairman of the Board and Vice Chairman and the 3 previous Chairs. The nominees are then elected by the membership at the Annual Winter Conference – Membership Meeting to serve four-year terms.  2017 saw the nominations of David Larson, W.A. Klinger’ Mike Tousley, The Weitz Company; and Scott Ward, Russell Construction Co.

During the development of the MB EYE on the Future Program in 2004, a new seat on the Board was created for a representative from each graduating class to be elected to serve a 1-year term on the Board.   This year that honor went to Jordan Stokes, Ryan Companies, US, Inc.

The Board of Directors meets 4-5 times a year for 2-3 hour sessions.  Each Director as they enter the Boardroom removes their “company hat” and focuses solely on the betterment of the entire industry.  These individuals guide and direct MBI initiatives, set policy, govern the finances of the Association and are the creators and developers of the Association’s 3-year Strategic Plans.

I have seen many different Boards during my career at MBI (28 to be exact) and I can honestly say that these individuals truly put countless hours and energy toward the governance of the Association and are serious about their commitment to serving on the Board.

Please meet the 2017/2018 MBI Board of Directors