What Does CSSI Mean?

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Safety services are and continue to be a central aspect of the mission of the Master Builders of Iowa.  For decades, MBI has been providing job site audits and safety-related training to MBI members.

Construction Safety Specialists, Inc. – also known for its more eloquent moniker – CSSI – is the entity that is responsible for providing not only safety services, such as job site audits, but also is charged with assessing your company’s overall risk management strategies. CSSI professionals believe that a safe worksite is only part of an overall safety equation.  Moreover, CSSI is positioned to work with companies and clients to make institutional changes that impact company behavior.  This is where CSSI can be most effective and beneficial to construction companies.

CSSI is unique to any other service in the Iowa construction safety market.  The way CSSI approaches risk management first comes from its diverse make-up of a team of construction professionals with a wide array of past experiences in the industry.

Troy Porter

Director of Operations – CSSI Troy Porter, who has held management positions with both a large general contractor and a multi-state specialty sub, brings the perspective of the builder. Having been in the shoes of the person charged with project management, Troy can offer insights on how to handle risk at all phases of construction.  He is also leading the charge in working with clients to structure risk management portfolios that will help your business become more aware of exposures and losses through risk.



Tom Suckow

As the WORKSAFE Manager, Tom Suckow, uses his more than 3 decades in safety management to help clients with a project-centric approach. Through the WORKSAFE program, Tom is able to provide his expertise in creating a safe work environment on a project-by-project basis. Each project creates different exposures and this is where Tom can help a contractor identify potential risks and implement practices and protocols to keep a construction project a safe environment for everyone on site.



Brandon Black

Our newbie, Brandon Black, has almost a year under his belt with CSSI as a Safety Consultant but is no stranger to construction.  Brandon has been in the industry for over 10 years working as a carpenter and then promoted to a safety engineer.  Rarely do you have a safety professional coming from the trades, but Brandon is able to put his field experience to work in helping to identify and connect with the workforce.  Look for Brandon to really make an impression on your rank and file trades people as he uses his hands-on approach to educate and demonstrate safe practices.

Finally, CSSI in partnership with MBI’s education and leadership development services can provide a worker-specific approach to better prepare your employees for risks and exposures on the job site.  Through MBI’s Training on Demand (TOD) services, CSSI is able to recommend a full complement of training programs that can be customized to each and every client.  If deficiencies in safety and risk management practices are identified during job site audits, CSSI pro’s can help create a means of addressing safety challenges through the educational and training programs offered by MBI’s TOD service.  This approach not only trains a worker but takes great steps in changing behaviors.

All in all, CSSI is ready to help clients with all things related to safety and risk management.  No other entity brings together a wide array of training professionals who are focused on keeping your workers safe and striving to get the greatest return on your risk management investments.

If you are interested in learning more on what CSSI can offer your company, please contact Troy Porter at troy@iowacssi.com.