What to Expect in Construction Technology for the Upcoming Year

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Construction technology is constantly evolving, and those in our industry can expect to see many advancements in 2019. We can anticipate further growth in the use of BIM and drones on projects. In addition, we can look forward to the possibility of Artificial Intelligence making an appearance.

Here are some of the most likely construction technology changes to expect in 2019:

Virtual Reality for Training and Project Simulation

Whether for work or gaming, virtual reality has taken off in recent years! Its expansion in the commercial construction industry is not only likely, but exciting! Being able to see through walls, walk clients through a simulated construction site, and provide realistic training on equipment operation in a controlled environment are all examples of where VR is and will continue to be utilized.

Wearables Monitor Workers’ Vitals

Safety wearables have made enormous strides in the past few years. These devices are now tracking employees’ physical symptoms and can alert other employees or management if an accident takes place. The ability of a wearable to detect dizziness, overheating, falls, or even air quality makes these valuable tools in the constant battle for safer job sites.

Drones – Part of Everyday Life?

With drone software constantly evolving as an important tool for construction, we can expect to see these miniature copters more frequently for things like GPS mapping, surveying, productivity evaluation, and even safety walk troughs. While there are still restrictions to when and where you can fly a drone, don’t be shocked if you begin to see drone landing pads on more projects.

Building Smart!

From Amazon’s Alexa to Google Home, smart devices are going mainstream! We can expect to see more project owners incorporate this technology into commercial projects. The days of flipping the switch to turn lights on and off are on the way out, and the ability to control everything with a voice command or touch on a smart device is here and thriving. In addition, smart Building Analytics are emerging, which allow the building to capture things like foot traffic, behaviors, and sound. This also gives the ability to make adjustments to features such as lighting, temperature, and window dressing.