MBI Holds Webinar Titled “CMaR – 1 Year in Review – What Have We Learned?

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On Tuesday July 18, our consultant Larry Cormicle held a webinar for MBI members that looked back at the past year since CMaR became an allowable option for public owners in Iowa.  We have learned a lot and needed to share this information with the membership.  We have been successful in getting in front of public owners and architects who have gone forward with a CMaR pursuit.  In our experience, everyone is acting in good faith, and learning about the process.  Because it is so new, we feel it is our responsibility to help anyone who is considering the CMaR process.

We had over 100 people attend the webinar who were given opportunity to ask direct questions to Larry.  It was a very valuable presentation and reflected on what we’ve seen from public owners, architects and contractors alike.

That webinar recording can be viewed here:  https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/dbjvt3zopaqvdj50pv4dv/video1381734199.mp4?rlkey=om4ng5ubhxk84weljwyd5e6dr&dl=0

We will continue our public education quest for all of those interested to ensure that the tool is being used appropriately according to the law and in the best interest of the Iowa taxpayer.